In Camouflage - Nech Sar (White Grass) National Park, Ethiopia: 10 hours into our trip through Nech Sar, we began to make our exit. Dusk was slowly creeping upon us and many of the animals began to either emerge from or reatreat back into the brush. A dik-dik ran across our path and into the folliage to our left, I followed it with my eye, but it was fast moving and I lost it in the camouflage of the flora...then, as quick as I had lost it, I caught the glimpse of an ear, the reflection in a pupil! That little dik-dik was watching us the whole time. They're remarkable animals, reaching a height of 1 to 1.5 feet and weighing in at 10-15 lbs. They can be somewhat illusive in the wild due to their speed and size. We were lucky to have been spotted by this little antelope.