Weaver - Chencha, Ethiopia: If you zoom into the north, slight west of Arba Minch into the Guge Mountains, you'll find this town -- Chencha. It actually has the market area listed, which is surprising because the road leading to Chencha was unlisted on google maps just under a year ago. I was sick this day. The local bacteria was finally taking up residence in my digestive tract. As I lay in my bed, fully clothed, blankets on, and shivering I heard a knock at the door. It was my friend Wagay. He explained to me in broken english, mostly hand signals that when the Gamo (the local culture group) get sick they get up and take a long walk! It is the Gamo way, I will feel better! Much to my, errr, delight (?) we got up and began traipsing (weakly) around the perimeter of where we were staying. Wagay grabbed my hand and guided me out of the front gate and into one of the next door buildings. Inside were many wooden looms lining the walls. Men sat weaving handmade cottons, rapidly passing the shuttle, floating it across the threads. They let me try. I was terrible. I probably only needed another few years of practice, then I'd get the hang of it! They were very forgiving towards my inability, shaking their heads and laughing at me, I joined them and chuckled. Wagay was right.